Unobtrusive, Soulful, Real
Chandan Sojitra
Chandan Sojitra

Your wedding day – it’s more than just a photograph.

Which is why I am more than just a wedding photographer. I’m also a storyteller.

You want to remember every aspect of your wedding day for years to come, not just the colour of your dress or the flower arrangements, but the blissful smiles on your family’s faces, the energy and anticipation of the ceremony and the musical tinkle of laughter along with the fizzing clink of champagne glasses. This is my vision and purpose.

My photos capture these precious, once in a lifetime moments. I see your wedding photos as a piece of art, soulful and special, so you’ll find I go above and beyond the posed, staged and ‘generic’ wedding photos. My mission is to capture the spirit and feeling behind every look and gesture, and the honest and raw moments that make your day exactly that – yours.

You’ve spent years dreaming of your wedding – spend the rest of your life remembering it.

Photographs bring priceless memories to life, so you want to make sure that every moment, every glance and every touch is captured. But you shouldn’t have to spend all of your special day conscious of the wedding photographer hovering around you.

I’m renowned for my relaxed, unobtrusive style, so you’ll find I shoot the day as it naturally unfolds, capturing the essence of the occasion through discreet and sensitive shooting. You’ll never feel posed or awkward, so relax – leave all of the hard work to me! As an Award Winning Wedding Photographer, my work is inspired by the documentary, reportage, and photojournalistic wedding photography styles.

Find out how I can make your big day last a lifetime through timeless photographs. You can get in touch via the contact form here, or you can e-mail me at Although I’m a Wedding Photographer in Dubai, I shoot weddings across the U.A.E, London, the rest of the U.K and all over the world  – no destination wedding is too far!

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