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Chandan Sojitra
Chandan Sojitra

For me, being a wedding photographer means that I am part of a couple’s legacy. I provide them with more than just photos; I create heirlooms and cherished memories for them. The empath in me allows me to be able to bring people’s stories to life by feeling and showing the real person behind the moment.

With time, I started to look into what else defined me as a person, and I realised that a big part of my life was my vegan journey and the path to leading a cruelty-free life. I started to look into the albums that I offered to the couples that I work with and paid more attention to the types of materials that my suppliers were using.

Today I’m one of the only vegan wedding photographers who is making an effort to offset my carbon footprint. My commitment towards the animals and the earth means that I:

– Only provide 100% vegan wedding albums that are free from animal derivatives including the glue; paper; and covers

– Donate £50/ AED 250 to an animal sanctuary or animal rescue shelter for every wedding booked

– Plant 12 trees for every album that is ordered

– Offset my carbon footprint by planting trees when taking flights for destination weddings by using a carbon emissions calculator

By working with me, you become part of a deeper movement; one that spreads kindness on Earth and cares for our environment. I am also more than happy to recommend other vegan wedding suppliers to my couples or help them “veganise” their wedding and make it more eco-friendly.

I love getting to know all of the couples I work with so that I can truly portray their personalities through my lens. It all starts with the first consult.

I’d love to hear about your journey together so far as a couple. Use the form below and book a free consultation to discuss your wedding day or to book me. Scroll down and use the contact form to get in touch.

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